St Bartholomew's Milehouse, Plymouth
St Bartholomew's Milehouse, Plymouth

Here in our parish, we find great joy in Baptising, opening up the way into Christian life for all people. If it is your child, no matter how old, or yourself, we encourage you to get in touch. We will answer all your questions about what it is and why we Baptise. All we ask is for your commitment and enthusiasm and curiosity! We don't become 'super-Christians' in one go, Baptism is the beginning of life long discovery and better living with God!

To ask for Baptism speak to

 Father Richard after any service! 

Please don't just call, we want to speak to you personally.


Weddings we take seriously, but with no less joy. Whilst you can only be married in St Bartholomews church (some legal stuff), we offer a clear and knowledgable route to married life. Meeting regularly with the Parish Priest, you discover about the history and depth of marriage in human life. You discover just why and how marriage enriches lives, and also begin to plan your special day. We try to have just one wedding on a Saturday, the whole day is dedicated to celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage. A day with no rush, laughter, beautiful music and a deep sense of Holiness. Being a modern church we are free to incorporate your ideas better, with the possible exception of flash mobs! Who knows?!

If you need Banns of Marriage calling, simply come along to any Service where we can arrange calling Banns. (This must be within 3 months of your proposed wedding.)



We are located at:

13 Outland Road



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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


+44 1752 518030 +44 1752 518030


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