St Bartholomew's Milehouse, Plymouth
St Bartholomew's Milehouse, Plymouth

Holy Week and Easter 2022

Palm Sunday, 10th April, 10.00am:

Palm Procession, Reading of the Passion and Mass

6.00pm: Tenebrae


Monday 7.00pm- Mass and reflection during Holy Week

Tuesday 11.30am- Chrism Mass at Exeter Cathedral

Wednesday 9.30am- Mass and reflection during Holy Week


The Great Three days – The Triduum.


Maundy Thursday, 14th April 7.00pm: 

 Celebration of the Lords Supper & the watch until 10.00pm


Good Friday, 15th April, 10.00am:

The liturgy at the Cross and Passion Story.


Holy Saturday: nothing.


Easter Day, 17th April

 5.30am: The Easter Vigil - Paschal Fire and the first Mass of Easter

10.00am:  Festival Mass of Easter day!

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13 Outland Road



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